PowdAir, a patent-granted simple capsule-based inhaler

Starting in 2010, Hovione decided to develop a re-usable capsule-based inhaler for maintenance treatments, targeting extreme simplicity of use, fewer operational steps, high manufacturability and low cost at a global scale.

The PowdAir, a new 4-Part capsule-based inhaler, was developed to achieve simple and fewer use steps by the patient, small size for portability and convenience, and the highest cost effectiveness in the industry due to the reduction in number of components and assembly steps. PowdAir has been fully validated by Human Factors studies throughout its development.

PowdAir introduces an innovative method for opening the capsule and a novel method for making a fully functional hinged inhaler from only 4 plastic parts. PowdAir is a patent protected device in over 40 countries up to 2034, including in key markets such as US and Europe.

In addition to PowdAir devices, we can provide all formulation development services for the targeted indication and support product development from proof-of-concept to scale-up and industrial manufacturing through our integration with Hovione industrial group.

PowdAir is simple, reusable, effective and low cost and it is indicated for applications where a chronic or a medium term acute capsule-based delivery of an API is needed.

Applications include:
  • Asthma 
  • COPD 
  • CF
  • Antibiotics for lung infection
  • Analgesic drugs
  • Pulmonary hypertension drugs

PowdAir is available for clinical trial supply and for licensing.

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