TwinCaps is a single-use, two-dose, pre-filled, disposable inhaler specifically designed for acute and short term treatments such as anti-infectious therapies, vaccines, pain management, military and rescue treatments. 

TwinCaps is designed to be simple, easy to use and very low cost. TwinCaps is available for low to medium dose and TwinMax™ for high dose.  TwinCaps is the world’s first market approved, single-use disposable device and it is the category market leader today. TwinAir is fully injection molded and it is available for clinical trials, market supply and for licensing.

TwinCaps Features

  • Single-use, disposable dry powder inhaler
  • Patented in 42 countries up to 2027
  • Two components, fully injection molded
  • Simple, easy to use, 1 step to inhalation: push – inhale
  • Small size, hygienic
  • High performance, dose compartment becomes a highly turbulent chamber
  • Dose up to 100 mg and fine particle fraction up to 70% 
  • Low flow rate dependency, performance unaffected from 35 L/min
  • Automated factory filling and only 1 step assembly process
  • Aluminum foil pouch for environmental protection
  • Low manufacturing cost