Project Management at Hovione Technology

With over 20 years of experience in the development of dry powder inhalers and their intricate integration into the drug product development strategy, we are at the forefront of understanding how critical each activity is and how the interaction between the device and the powder formulation can determine success of a drug product.

That is why, at Hovione Technology, we rely on our experienced device engineering team and on our dry powder development partners’ expertise to address and solve a major challenge in inhaled drug delivery – the drug product combination and its performance.

Having taken one inhalation device from a sketch to a marketed device, we believe the recipe for success is sophisticated project management and highly effective communication skills. During the course of the collaboration with the Hovione Technology team, we will be improving processes, developing analytical methods, building supply chains, etc – taking on additionally complex tasks, that require experienced multi-disciplinary teams and especially good decision-making. Decisions taken with a view to commercial success, decisions taken jointly with you.

For us, Project Management is the art of combining unique technical and scientific capabilities to turn the most difficult challenges into successful solutions together with our partners.

Our approach to Project Management relies on 5 main elements:

Strong Project Management skills (coordination):
Our Project Managers and our highly skilled, highly motivated project teams will ensure proactive identification of the customer’s needs and wants within the PMI® framework. We will solve the toughest technical challenges, providing user-friendly solutions within the aggressive timelines of our clients. We will focus on productivity and effectiveness.

Responsiveness and flexibility (entrepreneurial and innovative mindset):
We respond to unexpected problems swiftly, professionally and thoroughly. We think out-of-the-box. We make aligned efforts to provide the best solutions for you within your critical timelines. We drive and facilitate successful technology transfers.

Partnership behavior (the passion to make things happen):
Our project team will be an extension of your own team and your organization. You can count on Hovione Technology’s integrity and ethics. We are keen on joint decision making. We will actively listen to your needs and understand your challenges. We will work together to build and consolidate a relationship. The Hovione Technology team will go the extra mile and apply all its powers to ensure the projects deliverables are met. We’ve proven to be able to share risks and rewards with our partners. At Hovione Technology, you will find "skin in the game".
Together we will make it happen.

Pro-activeness by design:
Our credibility is based on the results of more than 20 year experience in developing inhalers and over 20 years’ experience in developing inhalation NCEs with our partners. This experience allowed us to design efficient and effective approaches (systems and methodologies) for quick prototyping, rapid performance assessment and tool manufacturing for enabling commercial manufacture which you can take advantage of. We will always try to anticipate your needs and propose solutions proactively.

Transparent communication in real time, at multiple levels:
We communicate regularly within team meetings with an agreed-upon agenda. We take the lead on 1:1 communication whenever needed. Our Project Management IT supporting tool box allows remote real time project monitoring at different dimensions (documentation, operations, analytical testing, etc).

We communicate problems (and potential solutions) even earlier than achievements.

Hovione Technology provides up-to-date systems for document sharing and online process monitoring:
- E-room for document sharing: Hovione Technology provides our partners an exclusive area in our document management system (a secure, web-based, on-line project collaboration library) that facilitates the management, exchange, review and storage of documents.