Inhaler design and development

Based on 20 years of experience in inhaler development, Hovione Technology’s capabilities range from concept design arising from an early product idea and initial user requirements up to the detailed design created to meet detailed functional and performance specifications.

Our design process is centered in the user’s needs and requirements. We target simplicity in operation and in device design that lead to easier use and lower cost both of which will benefit the final user. At the same time, our industrial design aims for attractive, intuitive and convenient designs that can differentiate our devices in the market from competition. We are experienced in working with award winning design houses during early phases.

Our core capabilities include the use of state-of-the-art product development tools for detailed functional device design.

The use Computer Aided Design tools is combined with Computational Fluid Dynamics to optimize concurrently both the mechanical and aerodynamic design of our products.

We are experts in combining innovative product ideas generating patent protection with cutting-edge design processes generating simple, attractive, performant and highly manufacturable devices meeting the final user’s needs.