Formulation development

With a 50-year track record, Hovione Industrial Group offers advanced technologies as well as APIs for all drug delivery systems, from oral to injectable and from inhalation to topical applications. With extensive manufacturing capacity spread over three continents, Hovione Technology relies in the industrial group’s experience for inhalation formulation development programs.

Hovione initiated research and development in inhalation drug delivery in the early 1990’s and it has accumulated over the last two decades a considerable body of knowledge and manufacturing capability in inhalation grade APIs, inhalable particles and formulation development for inhalation products.

Hovione’s capabilities include fine tuning of the particle size distribution of the API with unprecedent control, exceeding by far what can typically be achieved by air jet milling. Hovione allows partners to target challenging DV50 and very tight spans with great consistency from batch to batch. The reduction in variability of API particle size distribution simplifies the formulation development effort.

Hovione inhalation grade APIs are different at the particle level. They have very little or no amorphous content and the particles are smooth with no sharp edges. The former translates into reduced particle to particle bridging which improves API and formulation stability. The later leads to more predictable particle cohesion properties in the formulation.