Hovione initiated research and development in inhalation drug delivery in the early 1990’s and it has accumulated over two decades a considerable body of knowledge in the development of inhalation grade APIs, inhalable particles and inhaler devices.

The first Hovione Dry Powder Inhaler was developed during the 1990’s, a multi-dose size 4 capsule-based device named as FlowCaps©. The design featured metallic blades for opening the capsule and a twisting mechanism for individual dosing. FlowCaps was licensed but it comprised a significant number of components adding to cost which ultimately limited market success. This experience led to the definition of a new inhaler development strategy aiming for the development of simple to use, low cost and efficient devices that rely on the reduction of part count and elimination of complexity while retaining high aerodynamic performance. Since then, two generations of Hovione inhalers – TwinCaps™ and PowdAir® – have been successfully developed following this approach. The TwinCaps device, Hovione’s single-use disposable inhaler reached notable market success and became in 2010 the world’s first market approved disposable device, remaining today as the category market leader.

In 2016, a strategic decision was made by Hovione to spin-off its inhalation devices and device intellectual property portfolio into Hovione Technology, a new company that will be exclusively dedicated to the development and commercialization of Hovione’s devices.

Hovione Technology relies on 20 years of inhaler market knowledge and device product development experience. Our team creates inhalers that are easy to use, highly cost competitive and efficient in drug delivery and that provide patent protection. We offer access to a family of innovative inhalation devices for both acute and chronic treatments and we are firmly committed to the commercial success of our business partners.